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History of Troop 41

The history of Troop 41 spans nearly a century since its original inception as Troop 1 in 1923 until the present day. Troop 41 was officially founded on November 29, 1940,  chartered by St. Joseph's Catholic Church. In 1947, Troop 41 was charted by St. Mary's Catholic Church. In 1959, Troop 41 was disestablished but then chartered in 1964 by St. Victor's Catholic Church, where it has been ever since. 

T41 Eagle Scouts 1946-1989.pdf

Troop 41 Eagle Scouts

1988 Award for Heroism.pdf

1988 Award for Heroism

Troop 41 Activity Program.docx

Troop Activity Program


1923 - Troop 1 chartered by Methodist Church in Mountain View, California a unit in the Santa Clara County Council 

1925 - Troop 1 rechartered into Troop 41 under the sponsorship of American Legion Post 248 in Mountain View, California



November 29, 1940 - Troop 41, consisting of nine scouts, chartered by St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, San Jose, California with the approval of Council Scout Executive Duncan McKinley. The charter was signed by Rev. Ambrose W. Hanlon, Assistant Pastor. 

 1941 - Scoutmaster 1 - Mr. Joe Greco

March 1942 - Scoutmaster 2 - Mr. Gus Richard


Trip to Big Sur


Trip to Yosemite

Eagle 1 - John Cassedy


Troop 41 chartered by St. Mary's Catholic Church, San Jose, California

Trip to Mount Lassen

First Ad Altare Dei religious medal awarded

Troop 41 Drum Corps established through purchase of 12 new snare drums, two new tenor and two new base drums

Eagle 2 - Louis Bonsi


Eagle 3 - Maurice Bessiere

Eagle 4 - Jack Cassedy

Eagle 5 - Harvey Hudnall

Eagle 6 - Teddy Leavenworth

Eagle 7 - Ralph Morroco

Eagle 8 - John Palmieri

Eagle 9 - Frank Rose

Eagle 10 - Joel Wuesthoff

March 1949 - Scoutmaster 3 - Mr. Frank Aversente



Eagle 11 - Charles Bock

March 1951 - Scoutmaster 4 - Mr. Gus Richard

March 1952 - Scoutmaster 5 - Mr. Jack Havey


Eagle 12 - John Havey 


Eagle 13 - Leon P. Fox  Jr.

1959 - Troop 41 disestablished 


March 1962 - Scoutmaster 6 - Mr. Lou Bonsi

1964 - Troop 41 chartered by St. Victor Catholic Church, San Jose, California


June 1970 - Scoutmaster 7 - Mr. Joe Morrow

June 1972 - Scoutmaster 8 - Mr. John Palmieri


Eagle 14 - David Heidmous 

Eagle 15 - Jim J. Palmieri 

Eagle 16 - Tracy W. Riggs

Eagle 17 - Frank J. Thompson 


Eagle 18 - Robert N. Hamilton 

Eagle 19 - Thomas C. Schmelzer 

November 1976 - Scoutmaster 9 - Mr. Terry Maguire


Eagle 20 - Eric P. Zeitvogal 


Eagle 21 - Leo M. O' Neill

January 1979 - Scoutmaster 10 - Mr. Tom Zeitvogel 



Eagle 22 - Brian A. Smith


Eagle 23 - Robert J. Gross

Eagle 24 - Thomas K. Tilmant

September 1982 - Scoutmaster 11 - Mr. Robert Bos


Eagle 25 - George W. Brown

Eagle 26 - Jeffrey C. Lin

Eagle 27 - Jeffrey T. Tilman

Eagle 28 - Reid L. Waterer

Eagle 29 - Ryan F. Waterer

August 1983 - Scoutmaster 12 - Mr. Jerry Baker


Eagle 30 - William L. Chavez

Eagle 31 - Christopher J. Cota

Eagle 32 - Christopher A. Shirley

Eagle 33 - Alan F. Zeitvogel

June 1984 - Scoutmaster 13 - Mr. Tom Zeitvogel


Eagle 34 - John Chavez

February 1986 -  Snow Trip to Hi-Sierra/ Dodge Ridge area 

July 1986 -  SENIOR SCOUTS Canoe Trek to Boundary Waters, Minnesota 

August 1986 - Camp Hi-Sierra Summer Camp 

November 1986  - Trip to Moaning Caverns 


Eagle 35 - Donald Huckins

Eagle 36 - Scott Ranstrom

Eagle 37 - Greg Rowe

April 1987 - Trip to Pinnacles 

July 1987 - ​Camp Hi-Sierra Summer Camp 

August 1987 

SENIOR SCOUT trek to Green River Utah: rafting, horseback riding, firefighting 

Former T41 Scoutmaster Tom Zeitvogel "Mr. Z" (center) with former T41 Scoutmaster Ed Basanese (left) and Former Assistant Scoutmaster Joe Murphy (right). (Photo courtesy of Dave Bunger)

January 1988 - Scoutmaster 14 - Mr. Ed Basanese

Troop 41 scouts John Arena and Richard Gauthier presented with Heroism Award for heroic action while participating in the rescue of a fellow scout who was in imminent danger of drowning

Eagle 38 - Edward D. Basanese

January 1988 - ​Travis Air Force Base outing 

March 1988

​Trip to Henry Coe Park (backpacking) 

Eagle 39 - John J. Arena 

June 1988 - ​Cassini River Ranch outing 

July 1988 - ​​Camp Hi-Sierra Summer Camp 

October 1988 - ​​Big Basin Campout with no water; Ed Basanese's carrots sustain the troop 

January 1989 - ​​Ski Trip (to Bear Valley from Camp 49er at Arnold) 

February 1989 - ​​Visit to USS Enterprise and NAS Alameda - marching drill by US Marines 

May 1989 - ​​Yosemite: Hogsdon Meadow 

July 1989

​​National Scout Jamboree Fort AP Hill, Virginia - 5 scouts attend

Camp Hi-Sierra Summer Camp

Former Troop 41 Scoutmaster Ed Basanese (far left) with scouts from Troop 41, on a 50 mile backpack trek to Philmont, New Mexico.  (Photo courtesy of Ed Basanese)


January 1990

Ski trip to Camp 49er and Bear Valley

Eagle 40 - Chris Farrell

February 1990 - Timpany Center Service Project - coordinated by Dave Bunger

June 1990

Camp Wente Summer Camp

Eagle 41 - Fred Corey

August 1990 - VENTURE CREW to Ft Tejon, Magic Mtn, Disneyland, Catalina, Mexico, Santa Barbara

September 1990 - Yosemite Trip

October 1990

Santa Clara County Council 70th Anniversary Jamboree at Ed Levin Park

Eagle 42- Kevin Galvin

January 1991

Ski Trip to Sugar Bowl; overnight stay at Camp Hoyfjellet Lodge

Eagle 43 - Seanpaul Berube​

Eagle 44 - Adam Millard​

Eagle 45 - Corey Ranstrom​

May 1991 - Visit to Civil War encampment at Roaring Camp, Felton

June 1991 - Camp Wente Summer Camp - outposts, horseback riding, sailing

August 1991 - VENTURE CREW to Hawaii: Pupukea, Waikiki;  raise new US flag over USS Arizona

September 1991 - Troop 41's 50th Birthday at Italian Gardens

October 1991

Droughtbuster Troop 41 survives rained out Emma Prush Park District Camporee

Eagle 46 - Ern Loh​

January 1992 - Dodge Ridge Ski Trip

June 1992

Camp Wente Summer Camp: Rain

Eagle 47 - David Stock​

Eagle 48 - Chris Wall

July 1992 - VENTURE CREW 50-mile Yosemite Backpack: Benson, Pate Valley, Tuolumne Meadows

August 1992 - Short Backpack trip to Molera State Beach near Big Sur

January 1993 - Ski Trip to Pinecrest Chalet at Dodge Ridge

February 1993 - Treasure Island US Naval Base Outing

May 1993 - Fremont Peak Astronomy Outing

June 1993

Camp Pico Blanco Summer Camp: Blackfoot, Kazuka Man, tall redwoods, basketball hoop

Eagle 49 - Matt Bandel

July 1993

VENTURE CREW 50-mile Yosemite Backpack: Hoover Wilderness, Burro Pass, Rogers L

Eagle 50 - Matt Romero​

August 1993

Manresa Beach with dolphins offshore

Eagle 51 - Matt Ekstrom​

October 1993 

Droughtbuster Troop 41 only troop to stay at rained out Grants Ranch Camporee

Eagle 52 - Brian Murphy

November 1993

Bicycle Backpack trek to Marin Headlands

Eagle 53 - Nin Loh

January 1994 - Ski Trip to Sugar Bowl

April 1994 

Ishi Wilderness Venture Crew shakedown hike

Eagle 54 - Daniel Hobgood

June 1994 - Camp Pico Blanco Summer Camp: outpost hike

July 1994

VENTURE CREW Bus Trip to Montana and Metcalf Wilderness 40-mile Backpack 

Eagle 55 - Ray Hacke

November 1994 - Troop meetings begin at Noble Park Berryessa Community Center House

January 1995 - Bus ride and Ski Trip to Boreal after sleepover in St Victor's Hall

February 1995 - Point Reyes Backpack to Coast Camp

June 1995

New Scouts join for first time from Mt Pleasant Pack 268 

VENTURE CREW Henry Coe trek: Boone McLaughlin chief, no water in Orestimba, lost

July 1995 - Camp Pico Blanco Summer Camp

August 1995

Eric Zeitvogel, Troop 41 Eagle Scout, killed in tragic Nevada car accident

Troop attendance at San Francisco 49er Football Game

October 1995 - Fort Mason Youth Hostel, Work on Historic Ships

January 1996 - Blizzard at Boreal; lost snowboards

January 1996 - USS Pampanito Submarine Outing: almost sunk by Troop 41 

April 1996 - Troop 41 awarded President Award and Mayor's Award at Scout Expo

May 1996 - Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 165 join troop

June 1996 - Scoutmaster 15 - Mr. Ron Gossman

July 1996

Camp Winton Summer Camp: swimming, canoe outpost, Tribe of Winton

VENTURE CREW Yosemite 50-miler: Hetch Hetchy, Vernon, Laurel, Tiltill, White Wolf

Eagle 56 - Chris Schulman

Eagle 57 - David Bunger

January 1997

Ski Trip to Heavenly

Eagle 58 - Paul Ekstrom

July 1997 - Camp Wente Summer Camp: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Eagles Nest, Canoe Outpost

August 1997 - VENTURE CREW 40-mile Backpack Trek to Olympic National Park and visit to Seattle


Eagle 59 - Jonathan Craft


Eagle 60 - Brian Schulman

Eagle 61 - Timothy Strawbridge

Eagle 62 - David Coppon



Eagle 63 - Nathaniel Williams


Eagle 64 - Andrew Bandel

Eagle 65 - Geoffrey Crews

March 2002 - Scoutmaster 16 - Mr.  Keith Archer


Eagle 66 - Paul Melampy


Camp Makualla


Eagle 67 - Stephen Archer


Eagle 68 - Jeremy Jimenez

Eagle 69 - Surendan Saragarvani

Eagle 70 - Jonathon Archer


Eagle 71  -  Vincent Wing Kung Leung

Troop 41 at Camp Makualla

December 2009 - Scoutmaster 17 - Mr. Mike Nelson

Former Scoutmaster Mike Nelson (left) with scouts from Troop 41 (Photo courtesy of Tammy Nelson)

Former San Jose District 4 Councilman Kansen Chu speaking at the Troop 41 Court of Honor. (Photo courtesy of Tammy Nelson).


April 2019

Troop 41 re-established with  five scouts

Scoutmaster 18 - Mr. James Mayled

May 2019

Troop participates in Memorial Day Flag Placement at Oak Hill Memorial Park

First hike for new troop at Little Yosemite at Sunol Regional Wilderness

August 2019 - Tafoni and Fir Trail Hike

September 2019 - Viva Calle SJ Urban Hike

October 2019 - Troop 41 runs Pancake Breakfast at St. Victor Parish Festival

November 2019

Troop 41 participates in Scouting For Food program

11 mile hike to Steven Creek Nature Study Area


January 2020

Mission Peak Rim Rovers Hike

Scouts from Troop 41 help with first St. Victor Food Pantry distribution

February 2020 - Campout at Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch Park. Scouts awakened by wild boars

March 2020 - Troop 41 Scouts participate in phone brigade to check on homebound and senior parishioners during shelter-in-place

July 2020 - Camp IT Out Virtual Summer Camp through Golden Empire Council, first summer camp experience for new scouts

September 2020

Coastal Cleanup of Upper Penitencia Creek at Commodore Park

Scouts participate in "home-centered" approaches to campouts due to COVID-19 pandemic

October 2020

Mt. Madonna County Park Hike

Troop helps support St. Victor Food Pantry

November 2020

Mt. Tamalpais Rim Rovers Hike

Troop 41 Scouts participate in second round of phone brigade

December 2020 - Presidio of San Francisco Historic Trail Hike

January 2021 - Troop 41 earns Journey to Excellence Gold Award for 2020

February 2021 - Mt Diablo Rim Rovers Hike

March 2021

Campout at Joseph D. Grant County Park

Troop 41 presented with Pope Paul VI National Catholic Unit Excellence Award (Silver Level) at St. Joseph Cathedral

April 2021 - Troop 41 member count up to 11

May 2021

Campout at Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park

Mission Peak Rim Rovers Hike

Troop participates in Memorial Day Flag Placement at Calvary Catholic Cemetary

June 2021 - Campout at Portola Redwoods State Park

July 2021

Hike at Calero County Park

Scouts from Troop 41 serve on Youth Staff for Cub Camp Lake Cunningham #2

Troop 41 Leaders with Bishop Oscar Cantu

August 2021 - Summer Camp at Hi-Sierra, first real summer camp experience for the troop

September 2021

Campout at Pinnacles National Park, scouts struggle to stay hydrated but complete 13 mile Rim Rovers hike in the heat 

Troop 41 completes 18 mile Viva Calle SJ Urban hike

Troop 41 hosts St. Victor 60th Anniversary Campout Activity for parish community

October 2021

Camporee at Joseph D. Grant County Park "Medieval Fantasy 2021"

Troop 41 adopts Noble Park through San Jose's Adopt-a-Park Program

Newest scouts attend Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Workshop

Troop 41 raised $8,989 through Trail’s End popcorn fundraiser 

November 2021

Campout at St. Victor field 

Scouts distributed door hangers in neighboring communities for Scouting for Food

December 2021

Campout at St. Victor field

Scouts Participate in the Simbang Gabi Food Service at St. Victor

Scouts watch a private screening of "Spiderman No Way Home" at the movie theaters

January 2022

Troop 41 earns Journey to Excellence Gold Award for 2021

Hike to Mission Peak with Pack 165 Arrow of Light Scouts 

February 2022 - Campout at Uvas Canyon County Park 

March 2022

Scouts participate at Noble Park Community Day 

Scouts attend and help with food service at Pack 165's Hawiian-themed Blue and Gold Banquet

Chabot Space & Science Center Odyssey Overnight: Space Explorations

Troop 41 presented with Pope Paul VI National Catholic Unit Excellence Award (Gold Level) at St. Joseph Cathedral

April 2022 - Samuel P. Taylor Campout

May 2022

        Troop 41 operates scooter racing booth at Scout-O-Rama

        Bothe Napa Valley Campout

        Memorial Day Flag Placement at Calvary Cemetery

June 2022

         Adopt-A-Park Plaque Presentation at Noble Park

         Viva Calle Volunteer Event

          Half Moon Bay Campout

         Scouts serve as camp staff at Lake Cunningham Cub Camp Week 2

July 2022

         Sanborn County Park Campout

         13 scouts attend Camp Hi-Sierra Week 6

September 2022

Troop 41 cooks and serves Filipino Breakfast at St. Victor Parish Festival

Mt. Madonna County Park Campout

Veterans Recognition Event at Veterans Supportive Services Agency (VSSA)

Troop  41 scouts and parents preparing Filipino Breakfast

Scouts at VSSA

October 2022 - Doran Regional Park Campout

November 2022

St. Victor Field Campout

Troop 41's 2022 Fall Court of Honor

January 2023 - Troop 41 earns Journey to Excellence Gold Award for 2022

March 2023

Scout Sunday Mass

Troop 41 presented with Pope Paul VI National Catholic Unit Excellence Award at St. Joseph Cathedral. Five scouts from Troop 41 earn Ad Altare Dei Religious Emblem.

Scouts with Bishop Oscar Cantu

April 2023

Joint Hike with P165 AOL Scouts

Viva Calle Outing

Flag Lowering Ceremony at Oak Hill Memorial Park

May 2023

Coin Collecting MB Workshop


Eagle Springs Campout & Hike

Troop 41's 2023 Spring Court of Honor

Memorial Day Flag Placement

June 2023

Viva Calle Outing

Unit Swim

District 4 Dumpster Day

  14 scouts attend Camp Hi-Sierra Week 1

Scouts with District 4 Councilmember David Cohen

At Camp Hi-Sierra

July 2023

Scouts participate in Independence Day Patriotic Walk

12 scouts complete Introduction to Leadership Skill for Troops (ILST) Training


August 2023

District 4 Litter Pickup

Troop 41's 2023 Fall Court of Honor

Joseph D. Grant County Park Campout

September 2023

Coyote Lake County Park Campout

Scouts support Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council (BCAC) 50th Anniversary Celebration

Scouts with San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan

November 2023

Mt. Madonna Campout

Scouts participate in the San Jose Veterans Day Parade

Troop 41's 2023 Winter Court of Honor

December 2023

Dumpster Day Volunteering

St. Victor Campout

T41 Christmas Special Meeting

January 2024

Troop 41 earns Journey to Excellence Gold Award for 2023

Angel Island Campout

Scouts volunteered at the pack's Pinewood Derby

February 2024

Scout Sunday Mass

Dumpster Day Volunteering

Troop 41's 2024 Winter Court of Honor

Mt. Diablo Campout

March 2024

Uvas Canyon Campout

Troop 41 presented with Pope Paul VI National Catholic Unit Excellence Award at St. Joseph Cathedral

Little Yosemite Hike with AOL Scouts

Troop 41 Leaders with Bishop Oscar Cantu

April 2024

Sanborn County Campout

Troop 41 recieves a drug safety presentation from SJPD

May 2024

Troop 41 completes the Lake Vasona Orienteering Course

Troop 41 attend the annual Scout-O-Rama and hosts the scooter racing booth

PRNS Volunteering Recognition Event

Troop 41 attends the annual Coyote Creek Camporee

Troop 41 participates in the National River Day Cleanup

Troop 41's 2024 Spring Court of Honor